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Luxury Properties Kodak

If you have decided that you want to own the luxury properties in Kodak, you will have an expert to know all that this area offers. It was named in 1892 when the local postmaster, Harvey N. Underwood, learned of the new "Kodak" brand of camera. Underwood decided that this was a name that was easy to remember and spell, hence he sought permission from the founder of Eastman Kodak, George Eastman, to use this name for his village and its post office. Eastman granted this permission.

You are surrounded by the oldest mountains in the world, where you can preserve of wildflowers, old-growth forests and rushing mountain streams. It's the ultimate getaway. Bring your camera. The park has panoramic vistas with cascading rivers and majestic forests. Venture out on horseback at Sugarlands, and then cool off by rafting the Pigeon River.

When you are going to own one of the luxury properties in Kodak, you need an expert by your side to ensure success. You are certain to find something here that is right for you. I have lived in the area for years and with my networking skills, I can get you into the home of your dreams in no time. Whatever your needs are, from spacious square footage to multi-room dwellings, they will be met by my meticulous and discerning help.

The location of these houses provides views unmatched anywhere else in the state, and this is just one of many reasons this is such a desirable neighborhood. I have patience, caring and passion, and you will be treated with the upmost discretion and honesty when you work with us. You won’t be sorry that you invested in property here. Please contact me when you are ready to get started.

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