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Income Properties Gatlinburg

When you are considering purchasing an income properties in Gatlinburg, you will want an agent by your side that is experienced in fix and flips, duplexes and any other type who can help you every step of the way. Knowing the area can be crucial to making sure that your endeavor is successful. I can show you single family residences that lend themselves to becoming an additional income with little to no effort for you. Or I can show you incredibly spacious multifamily homes that have wonderful renting prospects being so close to the college atmosphere, among other possibilities, like Airbnb with day rentals from busy travelers, for you to put more cash in your pocket.

You will want to plan on a big down payment because mortgage insurance is not available for investment properties, so 20 percent down is usually required to get traditional financing and putting even more down can result in a better rate. Your investing range will be limited by whether you intend to actively manage the property (be a landlord) or hire someone else to manage it.

If you are considering owning one of the income properties in Gatlinburg, you will want to consider location, neighborhood, education and services available. The quality of the neighborhood in which you buy will influence both the types of tenants you attract and how often you face vacancies.

Your residents may have or be planning to have children, so they will need a place near a decent school. When you have found a good property near one, you will want to check the quality of the education as this can affect the value of your investment. If it has a poor reputation, prices will reflect your property's value poorly. Call me today to get started.

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